Stop Being Fish and Become a Poker Shark

Become a Poker Shark

In the world of online poker, there are many players but few call themselves poker sharks. In casinos across the globe, the exact opposite is true, with players of all calibres claiming that they are.

What is a poker shark?

A poker shark is a player who takes being good at poker to another level. Whether you like to play roulette, poker or slots games there is always that one player that is always winning. There are professional poker players who do not call themselves sharks because of the negative connotation the word shark implies. For some, this is what they want people to think of them though because it also implies a level of skill beyond the norm. A good poker player will win more than they lose. Poker shark is the one who tricks players into playing against them, then they take the other players for all they are worth. Between tricks like losing almost all their money, acting like a fool or pretending to be a complete newbie, the poker shark has not only mastered the sport of poker but the art of acting as well.

Becoming a poker shark...

As with any sport or any artistic adventure, practice makes perfect and becoming a poker shark is no different. Online poker sharks have practice and some of them practice in free poker rooms or on sites where no money changes hands first to practice both their card counting craft as well as their methods of distraction. To see what banking deposit methods are available for online casinos then visit today. Those that are good online will often try their hand at in person matches as well and this requires even more practice because reading people is an art all of itself. Once someone has truly gotten the skills to read people, act in a way that makes them unassuming and have all the skill to play poker well, then they can call themselves a true poker shark!

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